The Boat 

Infinity is a tough boat 


While it is true that infinity was not designed to travel through ice, Infinity is an incredibly tough boat. Infinity was constructed in 1977 in Oakland CA and is believed to be the largest ferrocement yacht ever built, meaning she’s made of metal reinforced concrete and is basically a bunker that floats. Ferrocement, a well tested and long practiced form of boat construction, no longer in fashion due to its downsides of being extremely labor intensive during construction and heavy compared to fiberglass or aluminum, does have properties that make it exceptional for a polar vessel, such as incredible toughness, impact resistance and strength in any temperature. In the Ross Sea Infinity made impact with a large number of icebergs without so much as a scratch. Infinity is also an environmentally friendly boat, as she is not only propelled by the power of the wind, but gets her electricity from a very large solar panel array on her roof, which is stored in batteries for power at night. 


Clemens Gabriel Oestreich - German - Captain

An odd combination of idealist, dreamer, environmentalist and pirate. He's stubborn, argumentative, warmhearted, often right and in possession of an almost unnatural amount of energy. Capt. Clemen's prerogative is the continuation of the expedition, damn the torpedoes, four bells, full speed ahead! Frequently going without sleep for days on end, soaked in diesel, inhaling coffee and hoovering cigarettes; seemingly single-handedly holding this little floating world together through sheer force of will.

Ayack - French  

The quintessential French sailor, generously dispensing lifestyle critique and pseudo-philosophical banter one moment and a cup of hot cocoa the next. Ayack is a wandering, resourceful, vagabond, jack-of-all-trades sailor who's been circumnavigating the globe without flying for the last 5 years. Rarely seen without a sewing needle, he’s a man who knows his stuff and is always eager to give his unguarded views on life, love, sewing and sailing.

Zach - British 

A sturdy professional sailor, incapable of sea sickness who seems purpose built for the life of a hard living, chain smoking sailor. Rarely off the water, he’s either workin on fancy yachts in the Mediterranean or somewhere in the Pacific.

David Bowie - Canadian 

A colorful Canadian electrician with an equally colorful collection of tattoos and a hobby of making creative creatures out of fishing tackle and scraps.

Ole - German 

Strapping 22 Year old German sailor/carpenter who's been traveling off the beaten path for the last 3 years. He also provides exceptional Thai massages on request.

Andy - Scottish  

Professional sailor by trade and footloose adventurer by nature, Andy's an overall salty dog who enjoys swapping stories of past near death experiences, while always keeping a thoughtful ear to assess the gravity of the numerous ice impacts.

Peter - Swedish 

Hailing from the cold woody forests of Northern Sweden, Peter is a true Norseman who seeks out gratification from hard physical work, listening to death metal and Mily Cyrus and ample daily hugs.

Mathias - Brazilian  

Brazilian skater, sports videographer and avid kite boarder with a taste for extreme activities and baking bread. Also the 2nd camera on the project. 



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Nico Edwards 

 A self-taught director/shooter/editor jack of all trades digital image technician from a small town in Northern California. He's done projects for commercial clients, NGO's, public television and documentaries. He seeks to tell compelling character driven stories of people living creative and alternative lifestyles and broaden people's perceptions about life's possibilities.

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