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The vessel is Infinity, a 120ft hand-built sailing ketch that plies the Pacific Ocean on a never ending voyage of nomadic exploration. In early Feb 2014, during the iciest year on record in the Southern Ocean, Infinity and her crew of 16 left New Zealand on an 8,000 mile pacific crossing to Patagonia, with a stop in Antarctica. Along the way, they battled a hurricane of ice in the Ross Sea, struggled with compounding mechanical and flooding problems, undertook a mission with the radical environmental group Sea Shepherd, tore every sail they had, and unwittingly went further south than any sailing vessel in 2014. This expedition was undertaken with a non-ice-reinforced gypsy boat built by hand in the 1970's, crewed by a band of wandering miscreants, with no permits or insurance and an almost non-existent budget. This is a story about sailing, the camaraderie of a shared struggle and the raw awe inspiring power of the natural world.


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In post production - Sea Gypsies: The NorthMost Passage 


Following the two warmest Arctic summers on record, the sailing vessel Infinity tackled the Northwest Passage, attempt to reach the Northernmost inhabited settlement on the planet, aptly named Alert. The route, over 4,000 miles, speckled with 36,000 islands, a truly vast labyrinth of ice; just 10% of which has been charted. This is the most dangerous maritime route in the world; more people have been to the top of Mt Everest than have successfully taken a sailing vessel through the Northwest Passage, and no one has ever sailed that far north.  Post production is currently in process and we hope to have this adventure ready for release in the next few months....or years... depending on how fast we can crank it out, we are a small team. 

Runtimes : 46 minutes, 77 minutes and there is a 12 hour cut if you really want to escape (but would cost a lot to finish that one)

Aspect Ratio : 16:9

Shooting Format : RAW HD

Country : U.S.A. 

Language : English, with a bit of French and Swedish (subtitled) 

Filming Locations: Antarctica, Chile, Federated States of Micronesia, Large Swathes of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu 

A very special thanks to the musicians who contributed so much great music 

Soundtrack :

Spuntic     (Movement)

Jahzzar     (The Last Ones)   

Monster Rally    (Was There)        

Eduardo Rivera  (Sun Bias) (Yellow Lennon) (First Steps) (The Ditch) (Mr Flow)         

Dirt Wire  (Amphibian Circuits) (Starlight) (Ibex ft. Kongar-ol Ondar) (Sailing the Solar Flares)

Holy Coast (The Trench) (San Blas)

Jason Shaw  (Sailors Lament) (Jenny's Theme)

Black Eagle Child (Beach Life) (Saturday) (The Magic Book) (Walking in River Park) 

Still Corners   (The Trip)    

Catching Flies   (Sunrays)  

Michael Paskalev   (I Spy) (longer version of film)   

Chris Zabriskie   (Readers do you Read) (Divider)  

Adcbicycle       (All of the Time)

Judah & The Lion  (Sweet Tennessee Instrumental)

John Jacques Militea   (Banjo Breakdown Milteau) 

It is Rain in My Face   (and the names)

Small Colin   (Mutations)

The Glitch Mob   (Animus Vox)

Quite Music for Tiny Robots (Closing Ceremony)

Den Svenska Bjornstammen    (Svalker Vinden)

Erin Dutton (The Pirate Song) 

Technical Info 


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