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coming 2025 ...ish


Sea Gypsies: The NorthMost Passage


Following the two warmest Arctic summers on record, the sailing vessel Infinity tackled the Northwest Passage, attempting to reach the Northernmost inhabited settlement on the planet, aptly named Alert. The route, over 4,000 miles, speckled with 36,000 islands, a truly vast labyrinth of ice; just 10% of which has been charted. This is the most dangerous maritime route in the world; more people have been to the top of Mt Everest than have successfully taken a sailing vessel through the Northwest Passage, and no one has ever sailed that far north.  

Currently 2 years into a 6 year edit to make 10+ hours of watchable perfection. The 9 + episode series won’t be lacking in all the bits and bobs you’ve come to expect from the 1st sea gypsies, including a fantastic soundtrack. So far I’ve licensed a bunch of amazing music and am painstaking putting it all together. It will take a few more years though, as this is being done by a very small small team of 1.

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