We aren't a big team, delicate salt water hating camera equipment breaks pretty easily on the ocean and it takes a lot of time and resources to get these productions out to the world (6 + years). So, if you can spare some time to write a review on Amazon that would really help us out the most, it helps push the algorithm to recommend the film to others.  


Contrary to common sense, having video on a network pays nada, and we only see 6 cents from every Amazon view... so we are not getting rich here, more like debt up to the eyeballs. So, if you have some extra coins laying at the bottom of your boat that aren't needed for beer, we could use all the help we can get. Everything donated pretty much goes to the things we can't do ourselves, like licensing music for the upcoming series Sea Gypsies: The NorthMost Passage. But only donate if you have extra loot and like giving to dubious causes, this lifestyle wasn't forced on us, we're still totally evading the responsibilities of the real world, and what utility we add to the world is debatable at best. Fairly warned.



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